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City by city, mile by mile, a married couple on the verge of a breakup treks across the country to revisit their tumultuous past, and to rediscover what it means to fall in and out of love—and maybe back again.

Barnaby (Golden Globe and Oscar winner Richard Dreyfuss, Jaws) and Maxine Pierce (Golden Globe and Emmy winner Judy Davis, Husbands and Wives) have been living together in suburban Connecticut for years. Too long for Maxine, who decides that it’s time to sell their home and call it quits. Barnaby wants one last chance to save it—by having her accompany him on a cross-country trip to attend the Los Angeles wedding of their son, Benjamin (David Julian Hirsh, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind). Still recovering from the tragic loss of their eldest son, Maxine reluctantly agrees, setting in motion a revelatory journey as they revisit their past, their family, their old friends, and their old lovers.

On the way toward an uncertain future, they see Maxine’s sister, a woman trapped in a loveless marriage; Maxine’s favorite college professor (Golden Globe and Oscar winner Maximilian Schell, Stalin), a man desperately trying to hold on to his youth; Barnaby’s oldest friends, Stanley (Oscar and Golden Globe nominee Paul Mazursky, Enemies: A Love Story) and Anthea Tarlo (Nancy Sakovich, Queer as Folk), a couple still scarred by never-forgotten wounds of their own; and Barnaby and Maxine’s pregnant daughter, Stacey (Selma Blair, Legally Blonde), who is genuinely in love for the first time in her life. With each stop comes a new revelation for Barnaby and Maxine—a chance to expose their weaknesses, fears, and betrayals with an edgy mix of acrid humour, biting cruelty, and extraordinary moments of heartfelt emotion. Where they’re eventually headed is up to them.

With an all-star cast, directed by Paul Mazursky from the novel by Oscar-winning screenwriter Frederic Raphael (Eyes Wide Shut), Coast to Coast is a story of love and marriage that will resonate with anyone who’s ever survived the mistakes of life.

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Aspect Ratio:
120 Mins
Year of Production:
TV Movies

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