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Darcy Palmer (Tracey Gold), a woman of twenty, is engaged to Quinn Harris. On their wedding night, she empties his bank account and flees to New York City, where she hopes to become a successful artist. Along the way, Darcy tries to rob Brianne Dwyer, a young woman on the way to her freshman years at a New England college, but ends up killing her. Darcy then decides to assume Brianne's identity and enrol in her place at college.

Darcy successfully passes herself off as Brianne to her freshman roommate Jeanelle, (Shawnee Smith). But she must also meet her counsellor whom, she realises, had met the real Brianne. To protect her identity, "Brianne" blinds the counselor, who is then accidentally killed, removing the only real obstacle to her deception.

Without remorse, "Brianne" thrives at college as her talent for painting flourishes. She is invited to spend Thanksgiving with Jeanelle and her wealthy father, Russel (Perry King). Russel, grieving his wife's recent death, has become an alcoholic. When "Brianne" shows Russel that he is harming not only himself but also Jeanelle, he immediately stops drinking and becomes the loving, generous father he was before his wife's death.

Soon after, when Russel visits the campus, "Brianne" poisons Jeanelle, leaving her too ill to spend time with her father -- and giving "Brianne" plenty of time to flirt with Russel. Russel, impressed with "Brianne's" talent, sponsors a one-woman show. But her ambition gets the better of her when her ex-fiancée Quinn recognises her in a newspaper photograph. He tracks her down and, unaware that she has done anything but assume a false identity, convinces her to return home with him. As soon as she has the chance, she murders him and goes back to being "Brianne."

The parent's of the real Brianne finally visit the college and confront Darcy. Darcy tells them that she met their daughter while traveling and that the real Brianne said that she was abandoning her parents and moving to San Francisco. Brianne, she claims, even suggested that Darcy take her place at school. Although her story elicits sympathy, Darcy is expelled from school, moves in with Russel, and finally seduces him.

Jeanelle now begins to suspect that Darcy blinded the deceased counselor. Confronted, Darcy coolly informs Jeanelle that she is not even Darcy, and that she has killed many people and assumed their identities. Darcy then attacks Jeanelle, but Russel arrives in time to save his daughter and learn the truth. Darcy escapes but is caught just as she is about to snare her next victim.

Programme Information

Aspect Ratio:
120 Mins
Year of Production:
TV Movies
Thriller, Suspense & Crime
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