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A living starship harbours an ensemble of alien fugitives, including a human astronaut in the wrong place at the wrong time. Add the birth of his new starchild, a half-human with untold secrets, and an enemy race set to destroy and conquer them all, and this can only be the beginning of the end.

The Scarran Empire has declared war. Their ships are already advancing across the galaxy, system by system, unchecked. The next target in combat annihilation is the Peacekeeper Alliance, which has no idea what it's up against. Grand Chancellor Maryk (Linal Haft, Moulin Rouge), Commander of the Peacekeepers, does have one idea of who can help, human astronaut John Crichton (Ben Browder, Party of Five). Once upon a time, he was sucked into the Peacekeepers' galaxy through a wormhole, not an easy trip, not an easy life since. Shattered into a three-dimensional puzzle of crystalline shards, Crichton, along with his pregnant alien lover Aeryn (Claudia Black, Queen of the Damned), has now been reassembled. He appreciates the effort, but not the responsibility that lies before him, he must find a wormhole, predict when it will open, and flush the Peacekeepers into a safer galaxy.

When the Scarrans receive word of Crichton's resurrection, they're more determined than ever to unleash a full battle contingent not just because of one human, but rather his untold knowledge. The essence of that knowledge also lives in another: Crichton and Aeryn's unborn child, misplaced and now incubating in Rygel (voice talent of Oscar nominee Jonathan Hardy, Ned Kelly), an irresponsible male absentee ruler from the Hyperion Empire who isn't keen on his new maternal role. All Crichton wants to do is raise a family back home on Earth, no small feat when he has to save the entire race of Peacekeepers, challenge the deadliest creatures in the universe, and create a wormhole weapon that he insists is virtually impossible. Crichton may not have started this war, but only he can end it.

With state-of-the-art special effects, an out-of-this-world cast of characters, and adventure beyond anyone's wildest dreams, Peacekeeper War is the most thrilling miniseries event of this and all future millennia.

Programme Information

Aspect Ratio:
120 Mins
Year of Production:
Mini Series
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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