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Russia is on the brink of anarchy, and its current president stands powerless against the growing famine and inflation, the escalating crime and corruption, and the teeming hordes of unemployed rebels roaming the streets. Radical right-wing party leader Igor Komarov (Patrick Bergin, Patriot Games) welcomes the chaos. He looks forward to the new election, having gained the respect of the restless masses by promising law, order, prosperity, and to restore the lost greatness of their homeland. Who is this icon of peace who assures a Russia reborn? One man who knows is Jason Monk (Golden Globe nominee Patrick Swayze, Ghost), ex-CIA and “the best damn agent-runner” in the business. He’s seen Komorov’s confidential “Black Manifesto,” which calls for a return to dictatorship, military expansionism, and genocidal ethnic cleansing.

Now Monk’s determined to blow the lid off Komorov’s secret new order, and he’s on a personal vendetta as well—to find Anatoli Grishin (Ben Cross, Chariots of Fire), the sadistic KGB officer who once tortured and murdered four of his agents and is now Komarov’s head of security. Monk’s mission is to stop Komarov, whatever it takes, and finally settle the score with Grishin. But to accomplish it, he must remain alive. The forces allied against him are ruthless—and time is running frighteningly short.

Programme Information

Aspect Ratio:
120 Mins
Year of Production:
Mini Series
Thriller, Suspense & Crime

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