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The bigger they come, the harder they fall, and all it takes is the murder of one of the biggest corporate leaders to get soccer mom and undercover agent Cathy Davis out of the house. Especially when the victim’s death uncovers a conspiracy of global proportions…

Melville Horning is one of America’s corporate leaders—the genius behind Horning Breakfast Cereal, a conglomerate with tentacles in every corner of the globe. Combining family-friendly inventions with personal obsessions, Horning is famous for his paranoia. A new documentary on Horning gives him reason to be. Someone near and not-so-dear is spilling company secrets, and Horning wants heads to roll. Unfortunately, he’s the first go when he falls from his private yacht and drowns. Suburban mother and wife Cathy Davis is enlisted to investigate. As undercover agent Jane Doe, she has one question: What does the death of a corn flake king have to do with national security?

What she discovers is that Horning had spy satellites all over the planet, to share business intelligence and collect data—including market info from India and China to all of Eastern Europe—a fact not lost on his shady international VPs: handsome Australian Tom Shaunessey, Latin lothario Daniel Vasquez, the disgruntled Doug Maynard, and Japanese ice queen Francis Nakamura. As Cathy learns, each of them sold their stock the day before Horning died. Not believing in coincidence, Cathy finds herself edging toward that dreaded darling of the paranoids—the conspiracy theory. But what exactly was at stake? Why did Horning really die? Who killed him? Cathy is risking her life to find the answers.

She’s the government’s sharpest secret agent—and what The Hollywood Reporter has called suburbia’s friendliest soccer mom in “one of the smartest new series on the airwaves.”

Programme Information

Aspect Ratio:
120 Mins
Year of Production:
TV Movies
Thriller, Suspense & Crime
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