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The first one strikes without warning. Then another. Soon the massive walls of water are swallowing coast upon coast, town after town. Even as countless lives are lost in the onslaught, only the worst is yet to come.

A series of unprecedented and deadly tidal waves has mysteriously crashed down along the American East Coast leaving its major cities in ruins. Enlisted as a consultant to discover why this phenomenon is occurring is renegade scientist John McAdams (Angus Macfadyen, Blackbeard, an expert on man-made ecological disasters as weapons of mass destruction. Partnered with Sophie Marleau (Karine Vanasse, Emporte-moiof the Oceanographic Institute, McAdams has his grave suspicions about the crushing waters—they aren’t the result of seaquakes, but rather man-made cataclysms triggered to literally wipe out half the world. When another scientist sets out to prove who’s behind the undersea explosions, he’s murdered, and McAdams is the prime suspect.

With the stakes raised, McAdams is on the run. His greatest fear becomes a reality when he discovers the identity of the terrorist hiding in the shadows—a master manipulator with ties to McAdams’s own past, empowered with undersea nuclear missiles, and set to detonate another full-scale assault. For McAdams, stopping him won’t be easy. The only person he can trust is Sophie, and together there’s only one way to prove his innocence—by outrunning the federal agents on their trail and exposing the real madman before he strikes again. But as the earth rumbles and the waters rise, it may already be too late.

Co-starring Emmy winner Tom Skerritt (Picket Fences), Killer Wave continues the explosive tradition of Aftershock, Supernova and The Poseidon Adventure. This is the action-adventure miniseries to top them all—ten stories tall and ready to strike.

Programme Information

Aspect Ratio:
120 Mins
Year of Production:
Mini Series

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