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Murder can do wonders for a trash-talk TV show’s ratings. But what good are ratings when the host is the one who’s killed?

Talk show guest Tracy (Nikita Ager, Auto Focus) is about to level a bombshell at her clueless boyfriend Joe (Silas Weir Mitchell, Rat Race)—she’s in love with his best friend. Backstage, the gullible lover waits to be humiliated on national television. Welcome to The Marty Caine Show, blazing the trash-talk trail for ten years—a milestone for its eponymous star and a reason to celebrate. As soon as Marty (Emmy Nominee Jack Scalia, All My Children) ruins Joe’s life, the controversial host is supposed to attend a studio party in honour of his TV anniversary and his final show before he takes his career in a new direction. Unfortunately Marty Caine is not going to be able to attend. He’s been found in his office, bludgeoned to death with a Viewer’s Choice Award. Who’s looking pretty guilty? The hapless Joe.

So what if he threatened to kill Marty in front of fifteen million witnesses, was covered in blood, and had no alibi? Maverick cop-turned-attorney McBride (Emmy winner John Larroquette, The John Larroquette Show) is betting on Joe’s innocence—especially when he gets a load of the vultures circling the deceased: Tracy, the final duplicitous guest, who’s using Marty’s death and her lover’s arrest to further her singing career; Marty’s desperate producer, Arnie (Sam McMurray, Stealing Sinatra), a man with his own career problems; Becky (Lisa Brenner, The Librarian), the utterly devoted personal assistant who’d do anything to keep her job; Marty’s Wardrobe Man Aaron (Emmy Nominee Brian Bloom, As the World Turns); and the gorgeous and not-so-grief-stricken widow, Victoria (Dana Wheeler-Nicolson, Tombstone), now saved from a loveless marriage. It turns out that Marty had quite a private life. It’s McBride’s job to find out who canceled it.

When the rich and famous pay for their high-rated sins, leave it to one of television’s most ingenious sleuths to solve the case.

Programme Information

Aspect Ratio:
120 Mins
Year of Production:
TV Movies
Thriller, Suspense & Crime
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