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The inspiring true story of a woman who, in the darkness of life’s most daunting challenges, found a ray of hope and the dream to let it shine.

I am an ordinary woman to whom extraordinary things happened. Joan Berenger (Carey Lowell, Licence to Kill), leads a fulfilling life as wife to her devoted husband Joe (Rod Wilson, Street Time), mother to her brilliant young daughter Joy (Jennifer Pisana, Homeless to Harvard), and counsellor for blind children at the Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School. She’s truly blessed—especially with the gift for giving emotionally troubled students the courage to live beyond their limitations. But Joan’s deeply rooted faith is put to the test when she is afflicted, literally overnight, with a rare form of macular degeneration—a disease that robs her of her own eyesight within three weeks of her diagnosis. Just as she finds the strength to practice the courage that she teaches, Joan loses her beloved husband to cancer.

Quitting school, Joan moves herself and her daughter to South Dakota to be closer to her parents and to strive toward a new life of her own. Accepting a position as a lecturer to medical students, she finds a reason to explore her own problems, and to cherish her gifts. Agreeing to see an old friend, Jim Brock (Dylan Walsh, Congo), allows Joan to rediscover the possibilities of love that she feared were lost forever. Still fiercely independent, she dives into the sighted world, ever resilient, always hopeful, and forever grateful for the friendship and faith of the family, friends, and students who gave her back the courage she had always given them.

Based on Joan Brock’s amazing autobiography, More Than Meets the Eye: The Joan Brock Story serves as an uplifting inspiration for anyone who has ever been challenged by adversity—and needed the heart and soul to embrace life once again.

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Aspect Ratio:
120 Mins
Year of Production:
TV Movies

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