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It may the final run for a champion race horse, but the race to find a killer lurking in the shadows of Hollywood Park is just beginning…

The Hollywood Park race track has seen its share of triumphs, but few of them are as inspiring as the last race of the legendary champion Heaven Sent. After the run, he’s being retired to stud by his wealthy owner, Jacob Brawley, who’s celebrating the event with a gala party at the Brawley mansion. Everyone will be there, including his son, Jake, and Jake’s wife, Tiffany, his daughter, Diana, Heaven Sent’s trainer, Bernard, former jockey “Pops” Alfano, and by special VIP invitation, private detective Mike Bryant. But the festivities don’t exactly play out as planned.

First comes the announcement that half of Heaven Sent’s stud fees will benefit the Jockey Club pension. While the gesture delights Pops, it brings out the ugly side of a beautiful gold digger like Tiffany. Then comes the news that Heaven Sent has been kidnapped, and there’s a whopping 100-million-dollar ransom on his head. But when a member of the Brawley family dies in a suspicious stable fire, criminology professor Jonathan Maxwell is called in to help. What he discovers is a case rife with jealousy, greed, and fraud—and a highly unique motive for murder that comes with its own unique consequences.

Dick Van Dyke returns as Dr. Jonathan Maxwell, a professor with a steel-trap of a crime-solving mind, to solve a murder fit for a champion.

Programme Information

Aspect Ratio:
120 Mins
Year of Production:
TV Movies
Thriller, Suspense & Crime
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