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A scientific possibility becomes a terrifying reality when the most powerful force in the universe comes closer to home.

Nobel Prize winning scientist Dr. Austin Shepard (Golden Globe winner Peter Fonda, Back When We Were Grownups) suddenly disappears from his observatory at the Space Propulsion Labs, leaving shocking data behind for his assistant Ginny McKillip (Clemency Burton-Hill, La Femme Musketeer), seasoned news reporter Laurie Stephenson (Emma Samms, General Hospital), who’s looking for answers to bizarre sun storm activities, and fellow astrophysicist Christopher Richardson (Luke Perry, Beverly Hills, 90210). Joe Handey (Ronald Pickup, Lolita), the Managing Director of SPL and National Intelligence Special Agent Lisa Delgado (Tia Carrere, True Lies) fear that Shepard has been selling his classified top-secret Solar Probe discoveries and has gone into hiding. The truth is that Shepard has retreated to an island paradise with the lost love of his life where he’s planning to spend his final days. Because Shepard knows something that everyone else will soon discover for themselves: After eons of existence as a roiling inferno, the sun is set to explode in a supernova that will bring about the end of world in seven days.

Already electromagnetic pulses are being blamed for a series of inexplicable phenomena across the globe: schools of dolphins beaching themselves, a spontaneous zebra stampede that kills thirty children in a remote Kenyan village, locust swarms in Hong Kong, massive blackouts and freakish electrical storms, high frequency radiation bursts, and total loss of telecom satellite capability. Then fireballs vaporise the western states, the Sahara Desert is turned into a wasteland of black noxious gas, and a boiling tidal wave engulfs Australia. The President of the United States tries to quell the worldwide panic—from an underground bunker where he’s orchestrating a Noah’s Ark for the new millennium. As civilised man turns into a raving mass of panic and hysteria—and as uncivilised man acts on its own depraved impulses, Shepard’s team of survivors race against time to find the single saving grace to stop Shepard’s predictions of apocalypse from coming true.

Blazing visual effects and intense human drama ignite in Supernova, a fiery miniseries event that really delivers on thrills.

Programme Information

Aspect Ratio:
120 Mins
Year of Production:
Mini Series

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