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A dark period in American history is retold through the eyes of a man desperate to make a difference and through the emotions of a young girl that people were too afraid to understand…

Ned Giles is a photojournalist from Chicago with a career on hold when he heads west in his late father’s old Studebaker Roadster to join up with the 1932 Great Apache Expedition. It’s a trek into the Sierra Madre Mountain on the boundary between Sonora and Chihuahua, Mexico to attempt to recover a seven-year-old boy stolen by the Apache Indians when he was only three. Lucking into a position as the expedition’s official photographer, Ned joins a disparate team: a hard-drinking newspaper man, a young gay Princeton preppie, a cultural anthropologist, a hardened chief of police, and a stoic Apache guide. But Ned’s most astonishing connection is yet to be made…

La nina broncha. A slight young Apache girl, starving and uncommunicative except for feral outbursts and curled in a foetal position on the cold stone floors of a crude and primitive cell in a Mexican jail. Buried deep within her is an untold story of unimaginable violence and heart-wrenching prejudice—the victim of a Mexican massacre that left her orphaned, brutalised, traumatised, and unwilling to speak. But as Ned carefully befriends her, earning her trust, and rebuilds her strength, he not only discovers the breadth of her trauma, but also realises that he must now choose allegiances and make a decision that will compromise the expedition, change his life, and haunt him forever.

Based on the acclaimed novel by journalist Jim Fergus, itself inspired by a true story, The Wild Girl is a bold new film of historical sweep, epic drama, and unexpected peril and romance that is impossible to forget.

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Aspect Ratio:
120 Mins
Year of Production:
TV Movies

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